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That is a loaded question, for sure! And the answer is not a simple binary choice. For expediency, let's accept that the "intent" of the regulations were meant to be good (i.e. protective of the traders' welfare), but as with many things in life "intent" doesn't always match with the "reality" of consequences resulting from an action.

Exactly what US forex trading rules am I referring to?

1)  Constricting limits on "LEVERAGE" and "REQUIRED MARGIN".  The US rules require that the maximum leverage available is 50/1 - meaning that if you are entering a trade for one Standard Lot ($100,000) the margin required (assuming a parody price between the pairs involved) to enter the trade is $2,000.  Compare this to the rest of the world, where forex brokers can offer much more lenient margin requirements, and often let the client decide what leverage is best for themselves. The most typical leverage offered is 200/1, which would make the required margin for the same trade as listed above $500. Many brokers offer leverage of 500/1 and even 1000/1, meaning that the required margin for the trade would be $200. and $100 respectively. 

2) FIFO or First IN, First OUT rule. This means that if a trader has multiple trades in a single currency pair, and they want to close one of the trades, they MUST close the oldest trade FIRST regardless of profitability PRIOR to closing the other trade(s). For instance, let's say that a trader puts a "buy" trade into the EUR/USD. The price moves against their trade, but they still have the confidence in the trade and want to keep it open. They then add another buy trade at a lower price. The second trade becomes profitable and they want to close it, but the original is still negative. The trader CANNOT close the profitable trade WITHOUT FIRST TAKING THE LOSS from the UNPROFITABLE trade.

3) Ban on "HEDGING". Hedging is when the trades in the account all work as autonomous entities, and therefore you could possibly have BOTH buy trades AND sell trades open in a specific pair at the same time. Granted, this is not a situation that is applicable to all trading strategies, but there are very valid reasons why a trader would want to have the ability to hedge forex trades. 

If the US forex trading regulations are in fact good, why then have these rules not been enacted by any other country? 
I suggest that it is because instead of somehow "protecting" the trader, the regulations instead stifle the ability to trade successfully and profitably. 

Forex trading is, by it's nature, froth with inherent risk, and is not appropriate for everyone. All forex traders should know and accept that they could lose money invested into a forex trading account, and in some circumstances could lose more than originally invested. But by imposing restrictive rules, the US regulators have not enhanced the trading conditions for traders. In the years since the regulations went into effect, the fact is that the number of US citizens losing money by trading forex has been reduced. But this is not all it seems as it is most probably because the US regulations have essentially priced most US citizens out of the forex market and have made it much harder for those remaining to trade profitably. This is evident by the vastly smaller number of US forex traders which has in turn resulted in a significant reduction in liquidity and price volatility during the US trading session since the regulations were enacted.

Profitability with forex trading is dependent on many things, but the most important is having a coherent strategy that is time tested to withstand the most grueling market conditions. 

I have been trading forex full time for almost 20 years. I currently offer a teaching/mentoring program on an on-demand basis whereby my students can reach me live via the internet at their convenience and without limitation any time when the forex market is open and trading. I can help you develop your own trading strategy, or I can teach you the strategies I have used for years. If you are interested in finding out more about my mentoring service, please email me directly at [email protected] and I will send you more information.
Questions?  Contact me directly via email at:   [email protected]
All information provided by Mindy Yost, MindyYost.com, and associated videos, training materials, training sessions, trading strategies, charting set-ups, and trade alerts, as well as any other assorted and incidental documents or information, are for training and educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or trade recommendations. 

All information contained herein and associated information including live and recorded training sessions, documents, strategies, etc. are the property of and copyright of Mindy Yost, and reflect her opinions of forex trading, which may or may not be consistent with the majority consensus views held by others involved in this field of study.
Unauthorized replication by any means of information herein and associated materials is strictly prohibited.
Sooo, if Forex Trading is "Not for Everyone", then who exactly is it for?

Here we go with another loaded question!  And once again I am going to tell you the unvarnished truth, so get ready....  

Because of the high leverage, many people see the opportunity of forex as a way to turn a small investment into wealth beyond their wildest dreams!  Oh yes, we can all do the math on exponentially increasing a $500. investment, assume that we can double that every 2 or 3 days (sounds reasonable... right?), and realize that after just 20 rotations they will have.....    OMG.....   $524,288,000.!
As the visions of sugar plums dance in your head, let me just say...  
Greed is the first and worst destroyer of forex traders!  

Forex can seem a lot like a really exciting and fun video game... it is NOT!
Forex can seem a lot like on-line gambling... it is NOT!
Forex can look like the lazy mans way to wealth... it is NOT!
If what you are looking for is the adrenalin rush that forex can often provide, then I suggest you join a roller derby team instead, as roller derby will leave you less battered and bruised in the long run.

To be successful in forex, it is important to start with reasonable attitudes and objectives and full knowledge of the associated risks.  

1) Funds in your forex account should ALWAYS be considered "at risk" because there are a lot of ways to lose money.  Not only can you lose money from a bad trade, but you must also consider the possibility of your broker going under, a country's currency collapsing, internet problems, your account being hacked, government regulation changes, etc.  NEVER invest money into forex if it is money that you will need to live on in the foreseeable future or if the total loss of those funds would change your lifestyle.

2) Forex should ALWAYS be seen as just one element of a well diversified investment portfolio.  I suggest that your forex account should contain not more than 15% of your total portfolio.  

3) If you can't afford to invest at least several thousand dollars into your forex account, then you really should not be trading forex.  I suggest that a reasonable absolute minimum starting fund to be $5,000, but more is better up to $100,000.  More than that is not really necessary for a personal forex account.  In my opinion, and from my experience teaching hundreds of students over the years, the "sweet spot" at which the probability of success and consistent profitability is best, requires starting with a balance around $50,000.

4) Be prepared to spend a lot of time learning to trade.  Forex is not just another version of equities trading.  Although the trading platforms work like stock trading, and the charts look like stock charts, forex IS NOT stock trading and those who try to trade it like stocks will most likely lose over time.  Forex requires a unique skill set and that takes time to learn and adapt to.  Knowing when NOT to trade is as important as knowing when to trade in the forex market.

5) Have a plan for your forex profits!  Don't expect to let your forex profits continue to compound in your forex account.  As profits accrue, regularly withdraw those profits and re-invest that money into other asset classes.  My suggestion is that you invest forex profits into physical gold or real estate - hard assets that will be minimally impacted by inflation.

When properly funded and properly traded (and assuming that no catastrophic event like collapse of the world order happens), there are only two ways lose on a forex trade...  1) close the trade for a loss, or 2) margin call.  With a properly funded account BOTH of these are totally preventable when using a coherent trading strategy.  What this means is that - -

If you would like to learn how, sign up for my mentoring program and start learning today, but fully expect that it will take six months to a year before you will master the strategies to full competency.
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Here is a trick to make trading forex in a MetaTrader platform easier to work with...

For people who are long-time stock traders, the thought of trading forex with a forex broker and from within a MetaTrader platform can be somewhat intimidating, but don't let that scare you off.  Almost every forex broker now offers the MetaTrader 4 platform exclusively.  I personally have never been impressed with the charting in MetaTrader, but it does have some other aspects that are so good that it easily makes up for what is lacking in the charting. 

The solution I have found is to transact my trades in MetaTrader, but use other charting systems to watch the forex moves.  By doing it this way it allows me to have an even better view of the forex price action when I am initiating my trades and allows me to get better entries.  

One of the tricks I developed was to make the MetaTrader window as small as possible, so that I still have lots of space on my computer monitor available for other things.  Here is a short video that explains how I set up my MetaTrader platform.

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Email me at [email protected] for a list of the brokers that I recommend.
Email me at [email protected] for a list of the brokers that I recommend.

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The Game changed for FOREX traders 5 years ago with the introduction of Mindy's Magic EA v56.
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Here are some videos that forex traders in the USA should watch:
All Magic EA versions work on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform which is available at most brokers, but to be the most profitable, the broker need to offer these trading conditions:
1. The broker must allow HEDGING – meaning that you are able to hold both buy and sell positions in a currency pair at the same time.
2. The broker DOES NOT have any FIFO (first in/first out) restrictions regarding the order in which trades can be closed.
3. The broker allows SCALPING (short term trades) without any holding time requirements and no stop order distance requirements to 
    the current price.
4. The broker should offer LOW Spreads and Low Commissions, and preferably High Leverage (preferably 500/1).
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7.  MORE choices in the application of HEDGES and Quick Fixers
8.  MORE Levels of Hedges andQuick Fixers.
9.  MORE optional Trade Entry requirements (for better, more profitable trades).
10.  MORE control on closing Hedge and Quick Fix combinations.
10. Ability to use your MANUAL trades to CLOSE ABANDONED HEDGES.
11. Automatically apply REVERSE & REPLACE strategies.
12. Many new Algos for better overall performance and higher profits per trade.
Which is best for you - Mindy's Magic v56 or MEGA Magic 2024?

Both EAs will continue to be available for years to come.  I have no intention of "phazing out" the Mindy's Magic v56 EA because it is currently being used by tons of traders who love it and are totally committed to it.  If you are a trader that likes to have regular interactions with the EA, and have a good understanding of Hedging and Fixing strategies, and the knowledge of how to create and manage upper levels of hedges, then the Mindy's Magic v56 is probably the right EA for you.

If you have limited time to interact with your EAs and limited knowledge of forex in general or how and when to add a manual trade to fix an abandoned hedge situation, then the MEGA Magic 2024 EA is right for you.  This new MEGA EA will need very little attention from you  - maybe once every week or two (to just check in to make sure everything is still going smoothly), and is truely an EA that you can set up and forget about as it can literally do almost everything for you automatically.  The MEGA Magic EA is also appropriate for people who don't like hedging strategies as you have the option to use actual (moving) Stop Loss settings on your trades.  It is also appropriate for traders who like to do most of their trading manually and just want the EA to manage the open positions once you have made your manual trades.
When you purchase either Magic EA, you will be provided with ALL of the necessary files to use it, COMPLETE instructions and video tutorials on how to install it correctly, AND one-on-one ON LINE assistance in a "GoToMeeting" session where you will be able to share screens and TALK to a real human who can help you if you run into difficulties!   On-going support is also available if needed by merely requesting an appointment (via email) for an on line meeting.

EVERY new license also INCLUDES a FREE Demo Account License to use for 30 days so that you can become totally comfortable with how the EAs work PRIOR to installing the EA on your Live Trading Account.  Your LIVE account license will not START until you are ready - even if that is weeks or longer from the date of your purchase.
MEGA Magic 2024 EA Pricing
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Mindy's Magic v 56 EA Pricing

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For a 90-Day License
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MEGA Gold Lines Indicator for Manual Traders!
This MT4 indicator is a "must have" for every manual trader who needs a little "help" figuring out when to enter and exit trades!  Helps you identify when trends are starting and ending by showing you when price action is trading in the range where it "should" be trading and when the price has "over extended".  This indicator makes it EASY to find trades that will have a high probability of a successfule outcome (i.e. PROFIT!)
Can be used on ANY time frame chart and can be used on as many charts as you wish AT THE SAME TIME so that you can coordinate "highs" and "lows" in multiple time frames for more exact entries and exits.   It can be used in conjunction with any other available indicator, so you won't have to give up the other indicators you love.