7 Weeks (35 Classes) of Structured Learning
(watch and learn at your own pace)
Over 100 24-hour Price Action Recordings
(each one compressed into 60 minute videos to fast-track your learning)
All videos available 24/7 so you can set your own schedule!

Currency trading can be easy, profitable, and most of all fun.
Would you like to learn how to grow your investment account or savings
by 200% to 400% annually without taking unacceptable risk? 

Watch the videos to find out more.


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The Double Your Account Balance Guarantee and the 6 Months of unlimited Mentoring mentioned in the promotional videos on this page are no longer available and were only available to people who participated in the LIVE classes.  (But those students paid a much higher price for this training!)
Now Available "On-Demand"!
The Most Comprehensive
Forex Education EVER!
If you have ever wanted to learn to trade forex "like a pro"
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Hi.  I'm Mindy Yost, and I am the instructor/mentor for this training.  I have been trading and teaching forex for 20 years and over that time have taught over 700 people how to be successful forex traders.  I developed strategies that are unique in the industry.  My strategies allow me (and my students) to trade without losses while averaging 200% to 400% annual account growth and without taking unnecessary risks.  

Watching this video series, you will feel like you are in the live classes!  No class ever ends without ALL questions being answered!  

You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know
to be a profitable forex trader!
W​hat you will learn first:
    > All the basics of forex:
        the vocabulary, the process, the players, the history,
        the risks, the trading platforms, the profit potential,
        the reasons currency exchange prices move
Next, you will learn how to:
    > Trade forex while NEVER taking losses! 
    > Use Strategies that have a 98% probability of success - quickly
    > Incorporate both Fundamental and Technical Data
    > Exploit the currency markets to your advantage
    > Profit 200% to 400% year after year
    > Trade forex without taking significant risk
    > Avoid Margin Calls with proper Money Management
    > Use Trade Management Skills INSTEAD of Stop Losses
    > FIX a bad trade without taking a loss
    > Interpret international news and economic reports
    > Trade with 500:1 leverage
    > Identify different market conditions and adjust accordingly
    > Forex charting that identifies trade opportunities
    > Trade without FIFO rules
    > Utilize Hedging properly
    > Trade at a PROFESSIONAL Level
    > And MUCH more.

Plus this incredible bonus:
10 hours of PRIVATE MENTORING/COACHING by Mindy (a $1,000 value!) which you can use at any time during your self-study or after you finish the program!
(pre-scheduled appointments available any time - day or night - at YOUR convenience!)

This program truly will be a LIFE CHANGING experience for all who participate.
Warrior Profits
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